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I say leave me alone, but I mean please come home.
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Sad thing is, I know you’re not sorry at all


Sad thing is, I know you’re not sorry at all


Everyone has a gay cousin. If you don’t have a gay cousin, then you might be the gay cousin

Do you love me enough that I may be weak with you? Everyone loves strength, but do you love me for my weakness? That is the real test.
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#when mcr broke up

I’m assuming this was done by an elitist metal-head hater? Also, the word “emo” seriously pisses me off. Country is emotional and sappy but no one calls it emo. In metal, anger is often implied. Anger is an emotion, therefore metal is emo. So as long even the slightest amount of emotion is in any type of music, it can be called emo. 

thanks for your input but that, my friend, is pete wentz

Emo will never be over


Date someone who literally begs to go down on you

I think it’s intoxicating when somebody is so unapologetically who they are.
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Listen to what’s being said instead of what you think you heard or was being inferred.
The human heart beats approximately 4,000 times per hour and each pulse, each throb, each palpitation is a trophy engraved with the words “you are still alive.” You are still alive. Act like it.
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The Front Bottoms- Skeleton


The Front Bottoms- Skeleton